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CLP Graduate Discount on Master's Courses  
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Are you ready to expand your theological training?
We are pleased to announce 50% off any one of the courses listed below for our CLP Alumni! Please respond by July 15th, 2022

2022 Fall-Term: Sept 6, 2022 - December 12, 2022 - Online Courses
Courses Available!

BI 644 - Exegesis of John, 3 credits - This class explores the literary, religious, theological, historical, and social worlds of The Gospel of John. Allowing the student to more deeply understand the world behind, the world of, and the world in front of the text. Dr. Nick Elder

FE 602 - Leadership in Context, 1 credit - As an essential part of our field education curriculum, this course provides an overview of the basics of family systems theory and the insights it offers for leaders of congregations. Anxiety, self-differentiation, and the role of the non-anxious presence are some of the topics explored, along with several tools for understanding the dynamics at work in a variety of ministry contexts. Dr. Richard (Skip) Shaffer

HT 500 - Early and Medeival Church History, 3 credits - Exploring where our Faith traditions have their source, this course will take us from the 2nd century right up to the dawn of the 16th. Meeting characters like St. Athanasius of Alexandria, St Gregory of Nazianzus, Lady Julian of Norwich, and St Anselm of Canterbury, this journey through the history of our faith is sure to inspire and inform your walk with Christ. Dr. Bradley Longfield

IN 521 - Discipleship Formation, 0.5 Credits - In this course, students will define and discuss strategies and challenges of making space for God in the midst of life and ministry, and in light of their formation as Christian disciples and ministers. In an open and guided discussion in small groups with the instructor, students will formulate a rule of life incorporating practices of discipleship and self-care. Dr. Susan Forshey

BI 411 - Old Testament Introduction, 3 Credits - Deepen your love of the Old Testament while Developing a sound understanding of the fundamentals of the Old Testament's content; Becoming trained in expounding upon the Old Testament's theological depth and homiletical power and enhance their ability to interpret Scripture. Dr. Matt Schlimm

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