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This page contains information for our Master's level courses. Click on the course number's to view the course descriptions. Looking for CLP/CRE course descriptions? CLICK HERE

Summer Courses  (May 22 - July 18)

  MN 555 Polity of the PCUSA
MN 709 Worship in the Reformed Tradition
  HT 615 Presbyterian History and Confessions 

August 2020 Schedule

2020 Course Descriptions

August- 2020 Term (August 3-14)

  • FE601: Pastoral Leadership - LeFeber
    IN520: God's Redemptive Mission - Forshey, Huizenga, Lewis
    MN531: Making Disciples - Forshey
    MN579: Caregiving II - McCaw
    MN640: Proclaiming Word/Preaching - Slemmons

Fall- 2020 Term (Starts September 8, 2020)

  • *BI500: Hebrew I - Schlimm, M.
    *BI511: God's Word: The Old Testament - Schlimm, M.
    *BI672-60: Romans (Greek Exegesis taught w/English) - Elder
    *BI673-60: Romans (English Exegesis taught w/Greek) - Elder
  • *FE602: FE: Leadership in Context - LeFeber
    *FE603: FE: Leadership Ethics - Nelson
    *HT500: Growth of the Church: Early/Medieval Church History - Longfield
    *HT540: What Christians Believe: Christian Doctrine 1 - Colyer
    *HT567: Christianity and the Common Good (elective) - James
    *IN521: Disciple Formation 1 - Forshey
    *IN721: Disciple Formation 3 - Forshey
    *MN532 Making Disciples - Forshey
    *MN564: Theological & Biblical Research - Doll
    *MN601 Foundations of Christian Leadership (elective) - Shellabarger

  • *These courses are available for students in our Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

  • *Choose One for SPM:
  • SPM671 - Internship for one credit
    SPM672 - Internship for two credits
    SPM681 - CPE for one SPM credit
    SPM682 - CPE for two SPM credits
  • (MACL students by arrangement)

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