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This page contains information for our Master's level courses. Click on the course number to view the course descriptions.
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Course Descriptions

2023 August-Term: August 7-18, 2023 (Residential)

Pre-load July 24-August 4  |  Post load- Aug 21-Sept 1

August Residency Course Schedule UPDATED 08/07/2023
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FE 601 Pastoral Leadership (Blue)
IN 510 Introduction to the Reformed Tradition (Burnett, McCaw, Slemmons)
IN 520 God's Redemptive Mission (Duba, Elder, and Forshey)
IN 782 Gospel in Context (James and Duba)
MN 531 Discipleship and Teaching (Forshey)
MN 579 Caregiving II (McCaw)
MN 640 Proclaiming the Word (Slemmons)

2023 Fall-Term: Sept 5, 2023 (Residential and Online) 

Fall Residential and Online Course Schedule Updated 08/17/23

BI 500 Biblical Hebrew (Schlimm)
BI 511 God's Word: The Old Testament (Schlimm)
BI 620 Interpretation of the Old Testament in the Reformed Tradition (Dearman) (MART only)
BI 672 Romans Greek Exegesis (Elder)
BI 673 Romans English Exegesis (Elder)
FE 602 Leadership in Context (Shaffer)
FE 603 Leadership Ethics (McCaw)
HT 500 Early and Medieval Church History (Longfield)
HT 520 Reformed Theology I (Burnett)
IN519 Theology and Practice of Ministry (Forshey)
HT 540 Christian Doctrine I (Colyer)
HT 647 Redeeming the Routines - Residential Only (Colyer)
IN 521 Disciple Formation I (Forshey)
IN 721 Disciple Formation III (Forshey)
MN 532 Discipleship and Teaching II (Forshey)
MN 642 Expository Preaching (Slemmons)
MN 714 Crisis Counseling (McCaw)

Summer Online Courses May 22-July 14, 2023 (8 weeks)

All classes for this term begin on May 22 and end July 14, 2023. Each has a maximum enrollment of 20 students. The basic standard for grading is letter grade, however, pass/fail is available with permission of the instructor and the dean.

*These courses are available to MACL students
Add/Drop is Thursday, June 1, 2023 @ 5:00 p.m.
Last day to Withdraw is Wednesday, July 5, 2023 @ 5:00 p.m.
Field Ed Courses offered during the summer both Online and Residential:

  • *SPM 671 Supervised Practice for one credit
  • *SPM 672 Supervised Practice for two credits
  • *SPM 681 CPE for SPM credit – one credit
  • *SPM 682 CPE for SPM credit – two credit

*These courses are available to MACL students with permission
(Above add/drop/withdraw/grades dates apply to summer Field Ed courses)

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Course Descriptions

2022 August-Term: August 8-19, 2022 (Residential)

Pre-load July 25-August 5  |  Post load- Aug 22-Sept 2

2022 Fall-Term: Sept 6, 2022 (Residential and Online) 

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