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Welcome to the August Residency Information page!

2023 August - Announcing the Dr. Joseph L. Mihelic Prize for Scripture ReadingThis reading contest was established by Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Mihelic out of the conviction that scripture reading plays a vital part in the worship of God, and that it should therefore be read with clarity, conviction, and reverence in order that hearers may know they are listening to the Word of God. All enrolled students (distance and residential) are welcome to participate by offering their best reading of the assigned text, from which readings the homiletics and worship faculty will select first, second, and third prize winners. [Please note that the aim of the competition is not a dramatic reading.]This year the competition will be in Guy Chapel, Van Vliet Hall, at 6PM on Wednesday, August 16, 2023.Drs. Slemmons and Forshey will moderate and select the first, second, and third place prize winners, which will be announced at lunch on Friday, August 18, 2023, and awarded at the senior banquet before graduation.The selected text that students will be asked to read is 1 Kings 22:1-28, using the NRSV. A brief prayer for illumination before the reading is appropriate, but not required. Readings will be assessed using the following criteria:  *   Projection  *   Pacing  *   Tone  *   Clarity of Voice  *   Enunciation  *   Expressiveness  *   Vocal Interpretation  *   Personal PresenceThe courtesy of your prior registration via e-mail is requested. The deadline for registration is: 10PM (CST), Friday, August 4, 2023. Students may register by sending an e-mail expressing their intention to participate and bearing the subject line, “RE: Mihelic Registration,” to tslemmons@dbq.edu.

Welcome back worship program:

UDTS Welcome Worship – August 6, 2023 

Call to Worship Isaiah 40:31   

Leader: Those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, 
People: They shall mount up with wings like eagles,  
Leader: They shall run and not be weary,  
People: They shall walk and not faint. 

Opening Prayer 
Scripture Luke 4:1-13 
Meditation The Temptations  

Take My Life and Let It Be:

Take my life, and let it be 
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee; 
Take my moments and my days, 
Let them flow in ceaseless praise, 
Let them flow in ceaseless praise.  

Take my hands, and let them move 
At the impulse of Thy love; 
Take my feet and let them be 
Swift and beautiful for Thee, 
Swift and beautiful for Thee.  

Take my voice, and let me sing 
Always, only, for my King; 
Take my lips, and let them be 
Filled with messages from Thee, 
Filled with messages from Thee.  

Take my silver and my gold; 
Not a mite would I withhold; 
Take my intellect, and use 
Every power as Thou shalt choose, 
Every power as Thou shalt choose.  

Take my will, and make it Thine; 
It shall be no longer mine. 
Take my heart; it is Thine own; 
It shall be Thy royal throne, 
It shall be Thy royal throne.  

Take my love; my Lord, I pour 
At Thy feet its treasure-store. 
Take myself, and I will be 
Ever, only, all for Thee, 
Ever, only, all for Thee.  

© Public Domain 

Prayers of the People and Lord’s Prayer 

Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be your name. 
Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. 
Give us today our daily bread,  
Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. 
Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil. 
For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and forever, Amen.  


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