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    Moodle Mobile App

    by Admin User -

    Beginning today, February 1, 2021, you may no longer have access to the Moodle Mobile App that you may currently be using. 

    We ask that you please switch over to the free Open LMS Mobile App.  

    With Open LMS Mobile, you have access to all of the same features you may have already been using in the Moodle Mobile App as well as additional premium features that are freely available within Open LMS Mobile, allowing you to: 

    • Communicate with all of your learners in one place 
    • Send Facebook-style messages and notifications 
    • Record video, audio, and take pictures 
    • Track your online classes 
    • Download content for offline use 

    The Open LMS Mobile App is available for both Apple and Android tablets and mobile devices. 

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We just learned of this change and have no control over the decision to drop the Moodle Mobile App.

    - Moodle Admin


    by Admin User -

    Looking to access your class through MS TEAMS? Here's a link to a helpful cheat sheet: 


    If you need to install TEAMS, you can locate it by logging into email.dbq.edu on any browser. Select the App Launcher (App Launcher) from the upper left of the page. From there, you can select TEAMS from the menu of options.

    TEAMS can run in a browser (as described above), be downloaded as an application that runs on your desktop, or installed as a phone app. How you use TEAMS is up to your personal technology solution.

    Once in TEAMS, locate the course name from the TEAMS menu. Click on the camcorder icon to join your class remotely. Alternatively, if your instructor has scheduled a TEAMS meeting for your course, look for the event in your Outlook calendar and join through the link found in the event description.