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Seminary Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Summer 2024

May 20         Online Summer Courses begin(8 weeks)
May 31         Last day to add/drop summer courses
June 20         Last day to withdraw with "W" on transcript
July 12          Last day of Summer courses
July 17          Final grades posted by noon

Doctor of Ministry 2024 ~ May 2024

Dr. Huizenga’s group
Dr. Richard Shaffer’s group
Dr. Forshey's group   

Seminary Academic Calendar 2024-2025

August Residency 2024

July 22-Aug 2 August Pre-load
Aug 4-5New Student Orientation
Aug 5-16        August Residency
Aug 6Last day to add/drop or change grading option
Aug 6Warren Lecture
Aug 12Last day to withdraw with a W
Aug 19-30    August Post-load

Fall Term 2024

Sept 3Fall Seminary courses begin online
 Sept 9Residential classes begin meeting
Sept 16Last day to add/drop courses or change grading option
Oct 1Deadline for Spring 2025 graduation applications 
Oct 8-14 Study Days
Oct 14Course descriptions for Spring 2025 posted online
Oct 28-Nov 8         Registration for J-Term, Spring, and Summer 2025
Oct 29Last day to withdraw with a "W"          
Nov 25-29Research and Thanksgiving break
 Dec 9Last day of Seminary classes
 Dec 10Reading Day - no classes
 Dec 11-14Final Exams
 Dec 18Final Fall term grades to be posted by noon 

January Residency Term 2025 (UMC Students Only)

Dec 23-Jan 3          J-term Pre-load  
Jan 6-10J-term Residency
Jan 6J-term last day to add/drop or change grading option at 5:00 p.m.
Jan 8Last day to withdraw with a "W"          
Jan 13-Jan 24J-term Post-load
Jan 29Final J-term grades to be posted by noon 

Spring Term 2025

Jan 14Spring Seminary courses begin online
Jan 20Residential classes begin meeting
Jan 27Last day to add/drop courses or change grading option  
Feb 25-Mar 3         Study Days
Mar 1Graduation Applications for December 2025 graduates
Mar 17-28Registration for August and Fall 2025
Mar 11 Last day to withdraw with a "W"               
Apr 14    Last Day of Seminary Classes
Apr 15-22Reading and Easter Break
Apr 23-26 Final Exams
Apr 24Doctor of Ministry Colloquy
Apr 25 Baccalaureate
Apr 26Commencement
Apr 30Final Spring grades to be posted by noon

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